Many of you have already heard the news — Oregon Women’s Golf is taking over Spain and France this coming September!!!!!

Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

The NCAA allows a collegiate team to do a foreign trip every four years. We have decided to provide the team with a European experience! We will be landing in Barcelona, September 8th, going to Madrid on the 12th, and heading to Paris on the 17th to return to Oregon on the 19th. This is GREAT trip to start the season and a perfect opportunity for the Ducks to learn more about each other, and the world!


GOLF and FUN will be packed in our suitcases, but with room for shopping of course!

During the first stop in Barcelona, we are planning on taking an City Tour and a Gaudi Tour in addition to practicing our golf. We are very fortunate that Real Club de Golf El Prat is hosting us to practice and play during our stay in Barcelona. BLESSED! :)


el prat 2

Madrid also brings a lot of excitement for the DUCKS. Besides a City Tour, Tapas Tour and shopping we will be playing a three-round match play competition against the Spanish National Team in Madrid in El Centro Nacional de Golf! It is a rare opportunity for us, as we will have all nine of our players teeing it up against Spain’s best.


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Our final stop of this European trip will be Paris. We are looking forward to learn more about the culture and the history of such an amazing metropolitan city. We are also excited about all the wonderful little boutiques and cafes that shine in the heart of the city.



Caroline Inglis: “This is an incredible opportunity and we are blessed to be able to go on foreign trip. I am very excited compete against the National Team and practice my Spanish” VAMOS PATOS!!!!

We are very thankful to anyone who has made this opportunity possible for us and we cannot wait for the trip to come! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for immediate updates about the trip! And stay tuned to our Twitter account (@OregonWGolf) and this blog if you want to learn more about our time in Spain and France! OLE!


OFF TO EUROPE!!!!!! :)

Coach Ria: “We are grateful that we will be exposing our players to an exceptional travel experience and such elite competition all in the same trip. The competition vs. the Spanish National Team will be demanding, and great practice for the upcoming changes to our NCAA Championship Format. And, there is no better way to learn about the world than to experience it!   We are excited in so many ways!”

O WGolf Green

Trip Overview and Schedule

September 8:    Depart for Barcelona

September 9:    Gaudi Tour

September 10: Grind it out! Practice session and 18 holes at Real Club de Golf El Prat

September 11: Barcelona Old City Tour

September 12: Take the Train to Madrid in the Morning. City Tour in the late afternoon/evening

September 13: Rest up for golf ahead. Tapas Tour in evening.

September 14: Practice Round at the Centro National de Golf

September 15: First Day of Competition (Two Rounds: Greensomes in AM, and Foursomes in PM)

September 16: Final Day of Competition: Singles Matches

September 17: Fly to Paris in the Morning. City Tour and River Cruise the rest of the day!

September 18: Free Day in Paris

September 19: Return to Oregon

GO DUCKS!!!!!!!


Meet Marcella Pranovia

Pranovia3If you know about the Ducks Women’s Golf Team, I am sure you know that our team likes to take lots of pictures.  You may also know about our famous (and slightly embarrassing) selfie-pod, which was introduced to us by the even MORE famous, Marcella Pranovia!  In fact, she is so famous that she has more Twitter followers than some small countries! :)

Marcella is originally from Indonesia, but finished high school in Orange County, CA.   Marcella has been a tremendous addition both personally and athletically to the Duck family. An upcoming sophomore who can bomb her driver 270 yards off the tee, she also likes to model in the mirror, and even professionally. In fact, she even won a modeling competition in Indonesia as a teenager!  She is one of our most trendy Ducks, as she adds a certain sense of #swag and contributes with her fashion advice to the team.

“Finally reunited with Brenna & Coco!!!!! I WAS SO EXCITED I HAVENT SEEN THEM IN A MONTH” – Marcella

Marcella  1

In addition, she also provides endless “lost in translation” moments that keep us entertained for days on end. :)  Another outside golf secret about Marcella is her ability to consume large amounts of rice.  In fact, she orders rice almost every time she has the chance at a restaurant, and when there are two side options she will even get two sides of it!!! Marcella is also famous for her significant improvements in the weight room, and also earned the 2014 Sissy Lala Award, an award that goes to the “most girly-girl” player as designated by her team members.

The winner of the 2013 Junior Orange Bowl in Miami Florida, Marcella has provided the team with many solid rounds this year, and started her Oregon Women’s Golf career with a 75.95 stroke average.  The future is bright for our Balinese princess and we look forward to being by her side as she works toward what’s in store for herself.

Learn more about Marcella below:

Marcella 4

“Made some new friends!! #housemates” – Marcella

Marcella 2

“Reunited with my Maui girl!!!!!!! She and Kaimana picked me up from the airport! :) Highlights of that: the fact that I was finally in MAUI and the time when we stopped by the food truck to buy lunch. I am a cheap date right?”

Favorite moment this year: meeting everyone

Favorite quote this year: all my lost in translation moments

Favorite team bonding moment: Heads up!

Best thing we ate this year: Asian food

Favorite uniform combination: yellow sleeveless and new grey skirt

Favorite song played in the van: Beyonce “Partition” & Krewella “Enjoy the ride”


Marcella 3

“At Cliff House!!!! The blue ocean made me miss home even more!! Bali is not that much different from Hawaii. My beautiful island! My Hawaii trip is definitely the highlight of my summer” – Marcella

Best highlight on the course: waving at each other

Favorite practice drill: anything with a rewards afterwards

Favorite shop to shop at: H&M, Forever 21? (yes, I am cheap)

Favorite place in the world: place to be? The beach!

Favorite team dessert: everything? We literally eat everything!

Most adventurous thing you have done in your life: traveling to places for golf

Marcella 5“With my Maui boys! This was when we went mini golfing. Kaimana (sitting next to me) was so proud because he beat me IN MINI GOLF. (Mini golfing is pure luck by the way….) Psssshhhh!!” – Marcella

Most embarrassing moment in your life: post wisdom teeth removal this year, and incoming braces ….

Pre-tournament ritual or superstitions: wear your left sock first and then right

What’s playing on your Ipod before tournaments: majestic casual playlist

Your celebrity crush: John Legend, Ryan Gosling please + Beyonce!

Best placed you have traveled with the Ducks: Chicago

Career lowest round: 72 in a college tournament and 67 is my lowest round ever

GO DUCKS!!!!!!

Learn about Cali Hipp

Cali shotCali Hipp is known for being a true Duck, for her relationship building skills, and upholding the image of the university at high standards.  She is a senior to be, who has very meticulous daily routines and  takes pride in the process! She continues to improve personally and athletically.  From Caldwell, Idaho, Cali Hipp has had solid contributions to the team during her first three years.  Her freshman year was highlighted by her being named an All-America Scholar.  This past year, she shot 69-75-73 at the Stanford Invitational hosted by Condoleezza Rice.

Cali w CondoleezaaA highlight worth noting this past year is that she won the Culturame Classic in the fall.

Cali Culturame

Famous for her signature way of walking and the “flamingo” chipping drill, she is a “meat and potatoes” lover who adores her family and appreciates her friendships.

Cali 3

Cali 7

Cali Hipp wears her country club style visors, and preppy style with a lot of pride and recently took second place at the McCall Women’s Amateur with scores of 74, 71. Way to go, Cali! Looking forward to a great senior year!

Here are some answers from Cali  :)

Favorite moment this year: seeing how much love we have from one another each and every day

Favorite quote this year: “the ball rejected the hole, like the boys reject me” by Cassy Isagawa.

Favorite team bonding moment: spending the day in Chicago and discovering the city together

Best thing we ate this year: deep dish pizza at Giordano’s in Chicago

Favorite uniform combination: white visor, yellow sleeveless and grey skirt

Here is Cali at the 105th Oregon Amateur this past June. She shot 77, 76 and made it to the second round of match play.

Cali 4

Favorite song played in the van: “Enjoy the ride” by Krewella

Best highlight on the course: holding in for eagle in the first hole at Stanford

Favorite practice drill: “The Flamingo”

Favorite shop to shop at: Nordstrom Rack

This summer Cali and her mom Barb chaperone Yedin and Hannah from Idaho to the Sycuan Resort in San Diego

Cali 1 Cali 2 Cali 5

What’s playing on your Ipod before tournaments: Beyonce

Your celebrity crush: Adam Scott

Best placed you have traveled with the Ducks: Nanea, HI!

Career lowest round: 67

Here is a picture of Cali with her host family at the PNGA Women’s Amateur in Lewiston Idaho

Cali 11

Favorite place in the world: McCall, ID

Favorite team dessert: strawberry cheesecake

Most adventurous thing you have done in your life: experiencing Tokyo

Most embarrassing moment in your life: When I slid down the hill behind the 9th hole at Shadow Hills Country Club after a wet qualifier. Good thing I had a good set of spear gear in my car for the back nine!

Pre-tournament ritual or superstitions: I have to have a good back crack!

 This summer Cali made a couple of road trips, the first one was to Warren, Idaho (red truck) and the second one was to Riggins, Idaho (green truck)

Cali 12

Cali 6

Cali also really likes experimenting in the kitchen and trying to recipes. According to Cali a big highlight of her summer was learning how to make cobbler pie :)

Cali 8

Cali will participate today at the Portland Classic Amateur Open which provides to the winner a guaranteed spot to the LPGA Safeway Classic! GOOD LUCK CALI


Get to know Brenna Murphy

Brenna 7

Brenna Murphy has been a great addition to our team this year. Besides setting the bar in the classroom, she has positively impacted the team with her attitude and support.  Despite being from Corvallis, Brenna has shown what being a true Duck means.  She has shown passion for the University of Oregon and represented the green and yellow with a lot of pride.  Brenna teed it up for the Ducks at both the Mary Fossum Invitational at Michigan State, as well as the Culturame Classic.  One highlight we will never forget is when Brenna along with her mother, Marsha, surprised her teammates by driving 5 hours to Washington to watch them at the NCAA Regional Championship.

Brenna 6

Famous for her singing skills, Brenna was also recipient of the Iron Duck award this year by our strength coach, Joel Favor. This award goes to the athlete who has improved and performed the best in the weight room along with maintaining an outstanding attitude.

Throughout the summer, Brenna worked hard and has competed in several tournaments including the Oregon Women’s Amateur and the PNGA Women’s Amateur. She just wrapped up play at the Women’s TRANS National, where she made the cut!  As we speak, our world traveler is on her way to Australia (along with Caroline Inglis) to visit our Aussie Duck Cathleen Santoso :)

Brenna’s energy, enthusiasm, and passion for this team reminds us all why we are all such LUCKY DUCKS!

Brenna caddying for Caroline at the Oregon Amateur this summer!

Brenna 2

Here are some answers from Brenna:

Favorite moment this year: meeting and growing close to my team

Favorite quote this year: “If I was that skinny, I would be cold too!” by Caroline

Favorite team bonding moment: playing heads up and spending the day in Chicago

Best thing we ate this year: pizza in Chicago

Brenna 4

Favorite uniform combination: yellow sleeveless and new grey skirt

Favorite practice drill: par 5 up and down wedge drill we did before Regionals

Favorite shop to shop at: Forever 21 and H&M

Favorite place in the world: Italy

Favorite team dessert: ALL

Most adventurous thing you have done in your life: scuba diving in the Bahamas

brenna w Cali

Most embarrassing moment in your life: running into a glass window at Verizon in the mall

Pre-tournament ritual or superstitions: I have to have five tees in my pocket on the first tee

What’s playing on your Ipod before tournaments: Coldplay, Beyonce, country, anything pump up

Your celebrity crush: Chris Hemsworth, Luke Bryan

Best placed you have traveled with the Ducks: Chicago

Career lowest round: 67

Brenna and Caroline at US Amateur Qualifying!!!

Brenna 3Brenna and Cali Hipp :)

Brenna and Cali




Known for her consistency on the course and her grinding skills, Caroline also has the second highest cumulative GPA in the team. This year, Caroline had 9 rounds at par or better, and of her 35 rounds, 31 of those were 76 and below!  In addition, she earned  the award for our “Most Improved Player,” as she was able to shave over a stroke off her scoring average in the last year, from 75.27 to 74.03.

A Jamba Juice lover and a “Fashionista” (member of the fashion committee), she and Monica thoughtfully select the team uniforms before competition.  If you like what you see from our uniform combinations, Caroline had a big part to do with it!

Caroline has already had a lot of tournament action thus far this summer. She shot 70-74 at the Oregon Amateur to finish 2nd in stroke play, and then shot 73 yesterday in her US Women’s Amateur Qualifier in Palos Verdes, CA. She has also recently qualified to play the US Women’s Amateur Public Links next week at the Home Course in Washington.

Another thing that makes Caroline stand out is her ability to speak Spanish!  Coach P approves, and comfortably says, “she dominates the language!”

Finally we would like to recognize some more of Caroline’s TOP PERFORMANCES this year.  Not only could she perform in the team van with her sneaky rapping and singing skills, but she also finished Top 5 at Michigan State, and at the University of Washington’s tournament at Sahalee.  We also want to recognize her  performance at the Regional Championship at Tumble Creek, WA this past May where she led the team and placed 22nd,  as an individual. Way to go Coco!!

She continues to be recognized as a Pac-12 All-Academic scholar, and strives to be an All-American Scholar next year.

Here is to you, Caroline Inglis :)

Caroline caddying for Brenna!


Favorite moment this year: singing in the van on the way to Regionals (Somo)

Favorite quote this year: “The hole reject the ball, like the boy rejects me!” by Cassy Isagawa

Favorite team bonding moment: heads up at coach’s house aka watching Brenna singing

Best thing we ate this year: booba Tee

Hanging out in the park with Morgan, Caroline best friend :)


Favorite uniform combination: grey short sleeve and yellow tennis skirt

Favorite song played in the van: “Enjoy the ride” by Krewella or “Ride” by Somo

Best highlight on the course: making an eagle on a par 4 at Regionals

Favorite practice drill: any putting drills we did this year!

Hanging out with Marcella!!!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Favorite shop to shop at: Nordstroms, Francescas, and Free People

Favorite place in the world: Charleston, NC

Favorite team dessert: booba and fro-yo

Most adventurous thing you have done in your life: zip-lining

Caroline and Marcella visiting  Scharkey’s house in LA!!!! :) 


Most embarrassing moment in your life: walking around with my nose ring hanging out at Silverado

Pre-tournament ritual or superstitions: reading Bible verse of the day and doing my hair

What’s playing on your Ipod before tournaments: Christian music/Worship

Caroline and Morgan found kittens at the lake and as Caroline says “trying to even out my tan lines”


Your celebrity crush: Rickie Fowler, Webb Simpson, Adam Scott, any hot good golfers!

Best placed you have traveled with the Ducks: Japan!

Career lowest round: 67

VAMOS PATOS!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are your Oregon Ducks doing for the 4th of July?

We hope you have a great time during the 4th surrounded by family and friends :)

Many of us are having BBQ’s out in the sun with our friends. Marcella is having a BBQ lunch with Diana and Derek and a lot of their family members that are coming from different states. While Monica is spending the 4th in Eugene with her friends, Brenna is having an annual neighborhood BBQ in Corvallis. Caroline and her friend Katie are also attending to the BBQ.

Cali Hipp is in Payette Lake with her aunt Julie, Fawn Germer, and her parents!

photo 2

Coach P run the Butte to Butte 10k this morning along with some co-workers from the Athletic Department.


Here is Coach P with Jennifer Elston, Marne Minard, Mary Ellen Mansfield, Lisa Peterson, Lorraine Davis, and Kristi Morris :)

“There was a big hill at the beginning for about a mile” Coach P says. “Then, we went down hill for about one and a half miles, and the rest was pretty straight. Many people were wearing customs and there were a lot of people on the sidewalks cheering on us. My team and I had a great time pushing each other out there! Kristi really won the day today finishing the race in 50 minutes. It was a great start of my 4th of July.”

Cassy Isawaga played some golf this morning back in Hawaii and she is also having a BBQ later on the day :)

photo 2(1)

Cathleen is back in Australia, and even though she is not celebrating the 4th. She remembers having some good sale shopping and buffet style eating those years she has been in the US for the 4th.

Raffi went up to Portland for the Blues Festival with some of her friends!

photo 1(1)

Coach Ria is spending the day with her family. Her in laws are in town and there is also a new addition to the Scott family! Grant William was born on June 29th!!!!!!!!!! :) CONGRATULATIONS COACH RIA!!!!!!!

Here are some memorable pictures from this past season!




First hike of the Year with Raffi, Caroline, Cathleen, Coach Ria and Coach P

photo 1(1)

Raffi and Coach P exploring Crater Lake

photo 2(1)

Stopping at Coach Ria’s uncle’s house on our way to Chicago after playing our first tournament at Michigan State

photo 2(2)

photo 3(1)

Beautiful sunset in New Mexico

photo 3

Cathleen, Caroline and Monica hiking the Tent Rocks National Monument in New Mexico

photo 1(3)

Meeting Phil Knight at Nike :)

photo 1(4)

Team stop at Multnomah Falls, OR on our way to Regionals at Tumble Creek

photo 3(2)

End of the year banquet at Matt Arena :)


 GO DUCKS!!!!!


Meet Monica Petchakan


Famous for her mad running skills and serving on the team’s fashion committee, Monica Petchakan has provided tremendous contributions to the team. While on the Fashion Committee, she and sophomore Caroline Inglis provide input to our equipment staff and Nike designers on clothing and future gear. Originally from Southern California with true Thai roots, Monica loves bringing energy to the team environment.  She is also known for showing up at practice with a Subway sandwich, and famous for the amount of times she has sprained (or almost sprained) her ankle. Monica has also shown tremendous dedication and commitment with our SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee) and O Heroes (A program that provides voluntary opportunities for athletes to engage with the community). Although she lost her car bumper and a tooth this year (both currently good as new :)) she continues to carry herself with swag and jokes wherever she goes.

Michigan State

Monica, Caroline, Cathleen and Cassy at Michigan State

Favorite team bonding moment: Getting to explore Chicago with my ladies

Chicago w Cathleen

Chicago w Cathleen 2

Monica and Cathleen at the Clear Bubble in Chicago

Best thing we ate this year: Sushi, Duh!

Favorite uniform combination: all white everything

Favorite song played in the van: Phill Collins – “Feel it in the air” in Brenna’s car

Best highlight on the course: Getting an albatross (2 on a par 5)

Favorite practice drill: anything that gets us prizes at the end

Favorite shop to shop at: Nike

Favorite place in the world: So far, Thailand

Favorite team dessert: Ice cream

Most adventurous thing you have done in your life: Rafting

Most embarrassing moment in your life: Losing my tooth and having to walk across campus while people stopped to talk to me

Pre-tournament ritual or superstitions: I cant use the Bandon Dunes ball marker

What’s playing on your Ipod before tournaments: Trey songz, YGI, anything up beat I can rap and turn up to :)

Your celebrity crush: Dave Franco

Best placed you have traveled with the Ducks: Japan

Good times hiking with the team :) Monica, Caroline, Cathleen, Cali and Marcella

Pic Hike

Hike w Cali

Monica is currently in Nicaragua, in a trip organized by O Heroes with many other athletes and coaches from the University of Oregon. The purpose of the trip is to build basketball courts for the kids in Nicaragua, learn the culture and have a tremendous international experience. We can’t wait to hear how Monica’s trip goes! :) Follow our blog to find out more about Monica’s trip

Chicago w C 2 Chicago w C 1