TODAY is the last day of finals week!!!!!! :)

Many of us have spent this week focusing on our studies, mostly at the John Jaqua Academic Center for Student Athletes.  “The Jaqua” as we all call it, is right on campus. It is an incredible facility just for student athletes, where you can go study and have personal tutoring sessions. Our academic Advisor, Chris Young, is always there, to provide guidance for us in academics and life. J

JaquaIts modern design makes it an incredible place to study!  Student Athletes know and respect that everyone is there for the same reason: to STUDY and EXCEL academically!

“Finals week is about staying focused, buckling down and finishing strong, kind of like the last 3 holes in a round” Brenna says. “I have a routine for studying and I like to study alone so having the rooms at the Jaqua available is really beneficial for me”

“Finals went well” Monica says. “I pulled a couple of all-nights, but what kept me going was the fact that I am going to Cabo for Spring Break”

As usual, the team is in great shape to get some good grade this term! :) And, we are ready for the final Spring Quarter!

There is no one more ready for the Spring Quarter than our lone senior, Raffi Dyer.  She did a great job getting some tough classes out of the way during the winter term, in order to free up her last 10 weeks as an Oregon Duck! – “Finals were taught this term as I wanted to get all my hard classes out of the way, I I can really enjoy my last term” Raffi says. “It definitely helped having the Jaqua to study and Chris our academic advisor, who managed to keep me calm when I got a little stressed!. And now can’t wait for the upcoming tournament not having to think about school” GO DUCKS!

This week each player has been focusing on their games and preparing for this weekend! Here is a video of Cassy Isagawa at ECC

For the rest Spring Break, the team is heading to San Diego tomorrow! San Diego State University is hosting a tournament at The Farms Golf Club in Rancho Santa Fe.  This is a three day tournament, and we will be back on Wednesday night. We are super excited about this trip! On Monday night Coach Ria’s dad is hosting a barbeque for the team. If you want to follow your Ducks, go to  Cathleen Santoso, Cassy Isagawa, Caroline Inglis, Marcella Pranovia and Raffi Dyer are ready to compete again after winning last tournament in San Jose, CA a couple of weeks ago.

Cassy at practice Our fashion committee has allowed “flippy floppys” and swim suits on the trip! That means there is some beach time waiting for us in San Diego!  And Cathleen Santoso is already waiting for us in San Diego.  She left to LA a couple of days ago to go to the Embassy to renew her passport since it was expiring :) #foreignerproblem

Coco at Practice

Here is Caroline Inglis fashion committee member practicing “beach mode”

We are also happy to announce that, Coach Favor, our strength coach is coming with us this week! We know Coach Favor will bring us good luck as the last time he traveled with us was during NCAA Regionals, and we qualified for the National Championship!

Sounds like there will be no shortage of fun people, good food, sunshine, and hopefully birdies down in San Diego!

The rest of the team is having also some fun the rest of the break! Cali Hipp headed to Chicago with her parents yesterday. Monica Petchakan is going to Cabo and Brenna Murphy is going to Honolulu! :)

Have a great WEEKEND! We will come back soon with updates from SAN DIEGO and Coach Favor’s experience this upcoming week with us :)


Ria & I Daisy Ducks Coach Ria and Coach P attended to the Daisy Ducks lunch on Tuesday!The Daisy Ducks are a big group of ladies who are huge supporters of the University of Oregon Athletics.They love supporting all the teams and they always treat us with very yummy snacks before our trips.

“We had a great time at lunch” Coach P says. “The food was really good and we got to interact with very nice people. I loved answering all the questions and I cant wait for another Daisy Ducks lunch”

“Coach Ria and myself, love our new visors that the Daisy Ducks made for us”

Should we wear them in San Diego??

Go Ducks!!!!!


Tapioca 1

This trip down to Northern California was definitely a dining success and the team got to experience some new foods they have never had before. It begun straightaway following our arrival at San Jose airport, as we made our way to a “Yum Cha” restaurant. Yum Cha is a traditional Chinese style of having morning or afternoon tea, which involves drinking Chinese tea and eating “dim sum” dishes. The food items are generally served in smaller portions, like tapas, that may be steamed, fried, savory, or sweet. We had a diverse range of orders such as dumplings, duck, rice noodles and pork buns. The Asian mood continued as the team drank “bobba” – also known as bubble tea. The tapioca balls were a hit or miss for some, but we all know its what makes the drink!

Greek San Jose 2The following night we banqueted at “Thea”, a Mediterranean restaurant.  The menu was of new knowledge with dishes never unheard of by some of the girls. However with an honest and humorous waiter, we were guided to the specialties and favorites from the list of options. Before any orders were brought out, we were served specially restaurant-made bread accompanied by olive oil. The freshly baked loaf had a distinct aroma that wafted through the air as you peeled a slice off. Delish! Next was the tapas sampler appetizer, similar to a high tea formGreek San Jose 3ation except it was filled with: spanakopita, arancini balls, dolmades, falafel, Greek fries and bacon-rapped dates. It was an assorted plate that allowed us all to taste a bit of everything. Next came along an array of main dishes: souvlaki plates (lamb and chicken), solomos piaki (brik dough-wrapped salmon filet), special pork chop and a garides (grilled marinated prawns served with a zucchini cake). Each bite was full of bursting flavors and we hope to try different entrees next time. Overall the restaurant had a unique ambiance with beautiful décor, high roof ceiling sand courteous service.

Our last night in San Jose comprised of “Pacific Catch” and “Yogurtland”. Yet another fantastic dining experience that was a ‘must eat’ place according to everyone who had visited last year. It specializes in freshly grilled fish of all sorts that can be presented in either Western or Asian style. Some order the usual sushDifferent foods - Sushi San Josei; others ordered the catch of the day but the famous choice was the “Pan-Asian Rice Bowls” (Japanese Wasabi or Korean BBQ themed).  It was a friendly and hospitable place with fast service to quickly fuel our post 36 hole day. Furthermore, to take advantage of our “desserts on 36 hole days”, the team made a stop by FROYO and indulged in a cup each (without toppings unless it was fruit ;) – an attempt to be healthier).

Frozen Yogurt - San Jose
This trip was a very open taste-budded and eventful for the team. Food is imperative to the functions of our body and we do partially dedicate our win to what we fuel our body with! In saying that – bobba for the second time was up for grabs and it sure was well deserved!


Famous words that: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

TapiocaIn addition to our food ventures in San Jose, Coaches treated the whole team to a local Japanese restaurant “Izumi – Sushi and Grill”. It was nice to have everyone together including our trainer, Coach Favor and equipment manager, Matt Atter. Also we really liked our new pair of Nike socks Matt got for us :) Thanks Matt!!!!!

I guess that means we have to win more! #VAMOSPATOS

Thank you Cathleen Santoso for these words of wisdom :)

The Ducks are currently in finals week, great time to rest and take care of getting good grades and finishing strong in the classroom. We will be back in action this Saturday. The team will be heading to San Diego to play the SDSU Farms Invitational hosted by San Diego State University  at The Farms Golf Club in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.



funny w T

The weekend started slow and easy with a nice plane ride from Eugene to San Jose on Alaska Airlines, where they give you those little delicious cranberry snacks.  We also packed along the usual Daisy Duck treats, along with some banana bread Coach P made.  Just a few days later, we ended coming back with two trophies and a lot more memories!!

San Jose State University hosts the Juli Inkster Spartan Invitational annually at Almaden Golf & Country Club. This is one of our team’s favorite tracks, with a few tight fairways, tricky greens and some long par 4s. This year, it seemed that our day to day hard work finally paid off.


CATHLEEN SANTOSO our AUSSIE POWER and “Miss 63” just won her first college tournament!!!!!!!!!!!

Cathleen trophy

Shooting 63 last week in Peoria Arizona at the Westbrook Invitational was a huge step forward for Cathleen and her game.  However, we knew our Aussie Power would continue to show perseverance and hard work in San Jose.  She kicked off the first day in the morning with a solid round of 73 and a carded 72 in the afternoon.  She finished the tournament with a bogey free round to shoot 68 and a tie for first place individually.

“It was great to see how much the hard work and practice has paid off.” Cathleen says, “I have been staying patient and I knew something big was to come. This week was it and to come out on top is just the result of persistence.”

MARCELLA PRANOVIA had quite the scorecard during her first round. “My scorecard on the first round was a rainbow!” Marcella says. “I was happy with all the birdies I made.  The eagle on the 18th hole was solid.  The hole was 475 yards and I had 216 yards in. I hit my 3 wood and sank an 11 footer to make my eagle!”  Marcella shot 74 with 3 bogies, 4 birdies, 2 doubles and 1 eagle.  Just 7 pars! :)  In case you do not believe it, here it is:

Marcella Rainbow 1

On the top of that CAROLINE INGLIS had a solid consistent tournament with rounds of 76, 71, 75 and a key birdie on the last hole of her second round. Also it is important to remark the strong ending round of CASSY ISAGAWA, finishing birdie, birdie, par to shot 69 the last round. CASSY ISAGAWA had rounds of 73, 74, 69 and added another TOP 5 to her records. Also, she hit some incredible drivers all around that play to her advantage in those long par 4. RAFFI DYER signed rounds of 80, 76, 80. She is swinging the club much better. We are positive we will see good results soon as she continues to work really hard every day on and off the course.

Maybe BUBBLE TEA brought us some luck :)

Tapioca 1

This was the first Tapioca/Bubble Tea experience for Coach P after having an authentic  Chinese lunch. Cathleen calls it “Yum Cha” and Coach Ria calls it “Dim Sum” :)

Most of us really liked the mix smoothie with pearls.


Made a stop at Tapioca again on our way back to the Airport to celebrate!!

The way back to OREGON was smooth and did not keep Marcella & Raffi from taking pictures with the “Selfiepod” YES! UNREAL


GRINDER OF THE WEEK: Caroline Inglis in her second 18 holes! “It wasn’t a good ball striking day for me. So I told myself to stay positive and patient and grind it out and ended up making some great birdies on the way in.”  Caroline was +3 in her round at one point, before grinding it out to finish at 1 under.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “The ball reject the hole like the boy reject me” – Cassy Isagawa in her exaggerated Asian accent

LOST IN TRANSLATION: “Never in, never up”—Marcella Pranovia



Your Ducks just took 2nd place at the Westbrook Invitational in Peoria, AZ, while shooting a school record 16 under par for the week!  We had a great time in the sun and the course was perfect!  The University of Wisconsin did an outstanding job coordinating the event and we were very spoiled by our host families.  They hosted us for a nice dinner the day of the practice round and they took really good care of us throughout the tournament.   It was so great to have a 3 minute commute to the golf course, and to be able to make our veggie and protein rich smoothies for breakfast! :)

AZ Westrbrook Practice Round






Tournament Highlights: The team took 2nd place and broke some school records in the process:

Best 18-hole team score of 274, 14 under par during the second round.

Best 18-hole individual score (and Westbrook Golf Club course record) with 63 by Cathleen

Best 54-hole team score: 16 under par


In the morning our team played steadily and consistently; then made a little Duck charge in the afternoon.  Our Aussie, Cathleen Santoso shot 70 in the morning and continued to impress us making nine birdies and ten pars for a round of 63, 9 under par in the afternoon!  Cassy Isagawa had a very consistent day shotting 68 in the morning and 68 in the afternoon.  Caroline also was a model of consistency as she shot two rounds of 71. Cali Hipp fired 70 and 78, and Raffi Dyer 74 and 72. The Ducks finish with a total of 16 under for the tournament and a runner up spot.


The spectators and vCassy & Carmenolunteers out at Westbrook were unbelievable.  We had so many people from the local community out watching us both on the golf course and from their back patios just along the course.  A special thank you to the families on #6 tee box, and #17 tee box who allowed our Ducks to use their facilities during their rounds of play.  The Westbrook Invitational was a great event and we will surely be back next year! :)

Cali & Cassy @ Garys


On the right Cassy and Cali are at the wonderful garden Gary & Carmen Sirmon have at their home. On the left, Gary & Carmen came out to cheer on us and brought Oregon colors balloons!!

This week has been very productive already!  We got caught up on school, had a practice of “Short Game Kingdom,” where Caroline Inglis came out on top as the “Short Game Queen,” and then had an intense playoff (between Cali and Raffi) yesterday for the final spot in this week’s lineup for the Juli Inkster Invitational.

We depart tomorrow for another fun week on the road with Cathleen Santoso, Cassy Isagawa, Caroline Inglis, Marcella Pranovia, and Raffi Dyer.   Until the next adventure….

HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: Watch Marcella Pranovia performed for us at practice yesterday following “Short Game Kingdom” drills:

QUACK OF THE WEEK: “The luckier I get, the more I practice” – Cali Hipp

LOST IN TRANSLATION PHRASE OF THE WEEK: “Coach P, Can you grab me a milk chocolate?” Caroline asks, and Coach P brings a chocolate milk. “Gotta love being foreign” Coach P says.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “I live to eat, I don’t eat to live” –Raffi Dyer


Food Lovers

Food is of utmost importance when it comes to the Oregon Women’s Golf team. The love we share for what is served on our plates is beyond imaginable.  Food always brings our team together whether it may be to dine at a table or in the exchange of conversation about past cuisine encounters.  Therefore as being apart of the team’s “food committee” on board with fellow senior teammate, Raffi Dyer, we strive for great sustenance in what enters our bodies.

The Peg Barnard golf tournament hosted by Stanford allowed us to devour in various cookeries that isn’t always available back at home in Eugene. The first night the team made way to a local Thai restaurant in Palo Alto for our immediate ‘Asian’ fix. We all ordered various dishes that included: rice paper rolls, red and yellow curries, soups, fried rice and pad Thai.

Coco - San Fran Rice Crispy Roles Pa Thai

The following day, the special Valentine’s Day, saw us dine at the golf course for all three meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner. That ‘Coupa’ café is a delight and serves great convenience for the team.  Most of us devoured in deluxe egg omelets with combinations such as: ‘asparagus, broccoli and mozzarella’ or the simple ‘tomato, onion and mushroom’. We walked with bloated stomachs for the first few holes and continued on with a successful practice round. Afterwards the famous club and Caesar wraps were ordered for a late lunch before going onto a post-round practice.

Finally the special dinner came around. A special 3-course meal-banquet sounded immaculate on the menu as each of us pondered on what to order. The appetizers included:

-          “Valentine’s Day Tequenos”: traditional Venezuelan white cheese sticks wrapped in homemade flour dough served with a special homemade chocolate and rosemary dipping sauce. Short story = cheese sticks and chocolate sauce, yes it may sound odd but weirdly enough it could go together.

-          “Caribbean Shrimp Cocktail”: jumbo shrimps, curry passion fruit mayo. My choice! It was light on the tongue but full of taste, a scream of mixing flavors in your mouth.

-          “Chicken Skewers”: grilled chicken breast, roasted pine nut sauce.

The second course soon came after and most the team ordered a “petite filet mignon”, however I opted for the “pan seared halibut”. The fish was a bit overcooked and dry for my liking but luckily the cilantro aioli made up for it. As for the steak, the comments seemed positive and I saw a nice pink glow in the middle as the knives cut through. At last come the plate of ‘dessert tastes’. Three small samples comprised of strawberry sorbet, chocolate fluffy mousse and the key lime pie. Chocolate by far left a long lasting impact on the taste buds. And you’d think that was it for the night, but the Coaches shared their love and the team got their personal favorite chocolates. LUCKY DUCKS!

Srimp cheese sticks Steak Fish Dessert

Tournament breakfasts were served yet again at the golf course café. A buffet of scrambled eggs, potatoes and bacon were of option for the players. Alongside this was yogurt (that we all tried to uncover what sort it was – tick approved!) with freshly chopped fruits and granola. It was enough to get us all energized and ready to compete for the day.

Saturday night was classified as “family night” and everyone was able to experience an array of dinner cuisines with their close ones.

Marcella and I finally rid our cravings for Indonesian food. I personally haven’t had it for almost eight months and to see, select and EAT it all was unequivocally fantastic. Excitement was positively an understatement. Caroline enjoyed family’s company whilst having dinner at their house, eating crab! The seafood trend continued with Cali, her parents and Coach Puga as they made their way to the fish market – that was “really good seafood!” Cassy ordered take out with her parents and devoured in a tofu soup. Coach Ria sure also experienced a deluxe night in dining with her brother. Beginning with dinner at “Umami Burger” where they sampled “smushed potatoes”, “the original umami burger” and “the truffle burger”. She was then treated to a pre-birthday cake from “Momofuku” milk bar in NYC – it looked heavenly!


That is only some of the food experiences the team had encountered in California and there is only more to explore at future tournaments!


Blog written by Cathleen Santoso

PEG BARNARD RECAP: Valentine’s Day, Team Love, Family Love


We opened the Spring season placing 5th at Stanford with a total score of 596. The weather has treated us really well and we had a great time playing at Stanford, as always!  The course was in great shape, the greens were fast, and we faced challenging hole locations during both of the rounds.

None of the hole locations were quite as easy as this one:


Plenty of positive things happened again at this tournament!!  Marcella Pranovia led the overall tournament par 3 statistics with a 2.70 (-3 for the week) according to GolfStat!!!  Cassy Isagawa shot 70-71 to finish 4th for the tournament, and Cathleen Santoso tied for 21st. Cathleen continues her consistency, as she has finished in the Top-21 in ALL of her collegiate starts.

Overall we had a great time, ate way too many Valentine’s Day treats, got our Asian food fix, and are looking to get after it again next week. “I was excited to play at Stanford for our first tournament this season” Cassy says, “I was striking the ball really well and made a lot of key putts! I can’t wait to see what is in store for my team this spring.”


We sure felt the love this week as we had so much support down at Stanford!  Many parents and family members came to cheer us on. Wendy and Drew Isagawa came all the way from Maui (top left), Barb and Bruce Hipp came from Idaho (top right), Laurie Inglis drove down from Eugene, and  Caroline’s Aunt,  Gretchen Inglis (both pictured on bottom right), came from North Carolina!



“Although our team did not play to our full potential at Stanford I believe that results we have had over winter break and during preseason practices will show up in the next few tournaments as we get more rounds under out belt.” Cali Hipp says.

The team is back in Eugene, grinding away at school and other areas of improvement within our games.  We leave for the Westbrook Invitational, hosted by the University of Wisconsin, in Peoria, AZ, this Friday.  THANK YOU everyone who followed us at Stanford!  Hope to see you in Arizona!

If you can’t come out, please follow us on live scoring at:

Quack of the week: “Coach Ria, why did you gain 50 pounds in your last pregnancy when Walker only came out weighing 8???” –Marcella Pranovia

Lost in Translation Phrase of the week:  “Romantic Hopeless” –by Marcella Pranovia

Did you know…. Cassy Isagawa plays intramural dodgeball!


Kicking off the Spring Season at Stanford

Your Ducks are now at Stanford for our first tournament of the Spring Season!

Stanford University is hosting the Peg Barnard Invitational this weekend at one of our favorite venues–Stanford Golf Course. This is a 36 hole stroke play event on Saturday and Sunday. Fourteen teams across the nation will be competing this weekend.

We have been working hard these past few weeks.  Workouts and practices have gone well. Cassy is hitting it a country mile and Marcella is able to squat 50lbs more than she did at the beginning of the season!  Cali has regained her consistency, Coco (Caroline) has found her groove again, and Cathleen has put up lots of under par numbers this winter as well.

We are very ready to start the spring season!  We finished the Fall on a high note, with a 5th place at the Pac 12 Preview at Nanea Golf Club, where we also set a school record round of 10 under par.  Today, we sit ranked 16th in the country according to Golfstat rankings.

Our lineup for the tournament: Cali Hipp, Marcella Pranovia, Caroline Inglis, Cathleen Santoso, Cassy Isagawa


 “I feel good about this tournament. We did pretty well last Fall, and I feel we are going to do better because we are more confident as a team.” Marcella says. “I feel good with my swing, I just need to be confident and trust my training”

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Thank you to everyone who is coming to support us this weekend, specially parents!

Come see us at Stanford Golf Course if you are around!